Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Easy Pillowcase Chair Covers And A Story

We have this sweet table that my two oldest girls and I got for hubby one Father's Day years ago. In our little house we used to sit at the bar in the kitchen to eat, but then our family grew and we found ourselves having a hard time eating together, as a family. Sweet WB was bothered by this fact and so we went table shopping and had it delivered as a surprise. That dear table has seen as through a move, another child and several arts and crafts activities.

I was fairly oblivious to the colorful splashes of paint on the wooden top, the pen marks from an overzealous toddler, or the scratches to the finish. Please understand this comes from a woman who thinks hand prints in the dust that covers my end table is precious. As a mother of three young ones I've become oblivious to certain things. Call it selective sight, if you will. But one day my dear mother-in-law was doing a craft with the girls and she very innocently mentioned "It's great to have a table like this to do projects on because you don't have to worry about hurting it." Suddenly I saw the table in all its messy glory! So I told my husband we needed to shop for a new dining room table ASAP and retired the little round one to the school table.

I'm used to it's rather downtrodden look, actually every little bit of paint has a story and usually a bunch of giggling fun behind it. I get that, my mother-in-law gets that, my family gets that, but when I have lots of people over to my house for a gathering I become a little self-conscious about my little wooden table. So I throw a table cloth over the top, but the chairs, what to do with the chairs!

I came up with the bright idea to decorate pillow cases to slip over the backs of the chairs. I used brown to go with the fall theme. A standard pillowcase was just the right size. Due to time constraints we just got some iron on decals at the hobby store and my mother and kids ironed them on one side of the pillowcase.

That mess behind that the ironing board, I have no idea how that happpened. I swear!

I did have plans to do some hand print turkeys etc., but we opted for quick and easy since my party was the next day. And it was cheap!! I think for Christmas we'll do something more elaborate. Anyway, it worked and it covered my battle worn chairs.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Angel Yucca Pod Christmas Ornaments

Recently the girl's grandmother came for a visit. She had a very special project for them to help her with. The firs thing they had to do was go out and collect yucca pods from our yard. We have an endless supply so please let me know if you don't have any!

Next the girls gathered around their Grandmother with a pile of leftover Christmas ribbon, felt, and yarn and some wooden balls found at the craft stores (or you could use hazelnuts).

( please note the 2 year old in this picture did not poke her eye out or anyone elses with the scissors)

Using some tacky glue they made the angel's hair from yarn and attached to the wooden ball. They either painted on some eyes and mouth or used some left over googly eyes from our pumpkin decorating.

Next they used left over fabric to make little dresses for the angels. They made ribbon bows for the wings. The halos were little pieces of ribbon or garland. Last they glued a little ribbon loop on the back so they could hang it from a tree.

It was easy and fun. I think they turned out great and we just may have to have our own yucca pod angel tree this year!